Department of Public Works

Mission Statement

Macomb Township Department of Public Works is dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of the community. Our goal is meet and exceed all federal, state and local requirements in providing the highest quality of drinking water, with continued high-level maintenance of the water and sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Macomb Township Department of Public Works provides drinking water to approximately 30.000 metered customers in a 36 square mile area. Water is supplied from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) through three master-metered locations in the township.

Water & Sewer Permits

In order to obtain Township water and/or sanitary sewer service, a permit must be acquired. A water and/or sewer permit has several components to the document, which will vary the cost of the permit.

Two key elements are tap fees (size of service) and frontage fees (total front footage of your property). If you have not paid for your frontage fees by a Special Assessment in the past, then a frontage fee for water and/or sewer will be applied at the time of permit. Permits for water and/or sewer can be obtained at the Department of Water and Sewer located at 51650 Card Road, just north of 23 Mile Road.
Water Penalty Image
Water and Sewer balances transferred to winter taxes will be charged a 15% transfer fee. To avoid transfer, your previous balance must be paid by October 31.

Wipes Clog Pipes

The filter screen seen here is covered in “ragging” — scores of disposable wipes and other products that have been flushed down the toilet. This pump, part of the by-pass system at the 15 Mile Road site loses capacity as wipes clogs the screens around the pump or bind up the pump’s motor. Of course, no screening system is as good as catching the problem at the source — eliminating the wipes from entering the system in the first place. Use the wipes — just be sure that they end up in the trash after use. Wipes Flyer.

Photo from Macomb County Public Works

Clogged Pipe Art