Trash Services

As of October 1, 2023, a new GFL contract is in effect for Macomb Township.  Information about service rates, discounts and added enhancements can be found in the GFL newsletter. See here.

GFL Direct Line: 586-210-6433

Our residents have a direct line into GFL Waste Services. This dedicated line will be staffed with personnel who know our contract and services inside and out and can answer your questions with ease. For billing issues, missed trash pick-up, and other trash service questions please call the number above.

Trash Pickup Concerns - Submit concerns online or call the direct line (above).

Trash Services FAQs - Read through our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

How to Video: Create a Service Ticket - Video walk through of creating a service request ticket on GFL's website

Online Bill Pay - Payments can be submitted online through the GFL website.  Direct all billing questions to GFL Environmental.

GFL Newsletter - Latest Newsletter from GFL

GFL 2023-2028 Rate Sheet - GFL Rates for the years 2023-2028.

Senior/Veteran Discount Application - Submit completed form in person or by mail with proper identification to: Macomb Township Treasurer’s Office, 54111 Broughton Road, Macomb Twp. MI, 48042.  Completed form with proper identification can also be emailed to GFL directly at

Exemption Request Form - The information must be complete, and the form must be signed and dated at the time of submittal. Please fax or mail your completed exemption request form along with any proof of permit, if applicable to:

GFL Environmental USA Inc

26999 Central Park Blvd., Suite 200

Southfield, MI 48076-4154

Fax: 586.795.2740

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day
Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Drop-Off Location: Macomb Township Offices, 54111 Broughton Road, Macomb, MI  48042

hazardous waste list

Electronic & Shred Waste Drop-Off Day
Date: Saturday, August 24, 2024, from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Drop-Off Location: Macomb Township Offices, 54111 Broughton Road, Macomb, MI  48042

electroinc shed and waste list

Household Waste

  • Regular trash should be put into bags and placed in the 95-gallon cart provided by the service provider. Trash can also be placed in a 32-gallon plastic or metal container.
  • In a 95-gallon cart, trash shouldn't weigh more than 200 pounds. In a 32-gallon container, it shouldn't exceed 60 pounds.
  • Trash needs to be put out by 7 a.m. on your service day and placed at least 3-4 feet from mailboxes, trees, vehicles, or other obstructions.


Clean, uncontaminated recyclable materials can all be placed together in your recycling bin. Make sure to put it out 7 a.m. on your collection day.

The following CAN be recycled:

  • Plastics – containers with codes 1 through 7
  • Clear & colored glass, no broken glass/panes, drinking glasses. Please remove all plastic and metal lids
  • Metal including cans, pots, pans, etc.
  • Paper, newspaper, phone books, magazines and brown paper bags
  • Cardboard – cut into 2’x 2’ pieces and tied in bundles
  • Paper board and box board (i.e. cereal, tissue, shoe box, cans) - flattened and stuffed in biggest box or bundled
  • Milk or Juice Cartons

The following CAN NOT be recycled:

  • Packing materials
  • Garbage
  • Propane Tanks
  • Paint cans
  • Medical Waste
  • Flammable liquids
  • Household cleaners
  • Dry or liquid chemicals
  • Wood items
  • Batteries
  • Plastic Bags

Yard Waste

  • Yard waste pick-up begins April 1 of each year and ends the second full week in December.
  • It needs to be ready for pick up by 7 a.m.
  • Yard waste must be put into a separate 95-gallon cart or 32-gallon plastic or metal container with a yard waste sticker on the side. It can also be placed in biodegradable bags.
  • 95-gallon carts can't weigh more than 175 pounds, 32-gallon containers can't weigh more than 60 pounds, and bags shouldn't exceed the manufacturer's capacity limit.
  • Brush and tree limbs should be bundled and tied with heavy twine or rope.
  • Bundles should not exceed 4 feet in length, 18 inches in diameter, and 60 pounds in weight.

Accepted Yard WasteNOT Accepted Yard Waste
Garden wasteDirt
Lawn cuttingsLarge stumps
Tree trimmingsGravel
Pruning wasteAnimal feces

Dead animals

Service Type
Monthly Rate
Quarterly Rate
Senior 60+ Curbside
Veterans under 60 $16.39$49.17
Veterans 60+$15.42$46.26

GFL Holidays

GFL observes the following holidays.

If the holiday falls on a weekday, your scheduled service day will be delayed by one day.

New Years Day
January 1
Independence Day
July 4
Thanksgiving Day
Fourth Thursday in November
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
Labor Day
First Monday in September
Christmas Day
December 25

Service Schedule


Recycle Drop-Off option for non-curbside Residents 
Pine Tree Acres in Lenox Township (phone 586-749-9698) offers a recycling drop-off area for local residents who do not have curbside recycling. The recycling drop-off area is available during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:30pm, and Saturday from 7:00am to 11:00am.

For additional Pine Tree Acres contact info please click here.