Storm Drains

Remember, it all drains to our lakes and rivers .

Help keep pollution out of storm drains. Storm drains and roadside ditches lead to our lakes and streams. So, any oil, pet waste, leaves, or dirty water from washing your car or other outside activities that enters a storm drain gets into our lakes and streams.

How You Can Help
Follow these tips for simple ways you can help keep our water clean:
  • Sweep it. Do you have extra fertilizer, grass clippings, or dirt on your driveway? Sweep it back onto your lawn. Hosing your driveway sends these pollutants into storm drains that lead to our lakes and rivers.
  • Keep it clean. Whether in the street or in your yard, remember to keep leaves, grass clippings, trash, and fertilizers away from storm drains.
  • Only rain in the drain. Never dump motor oil, chemicals, pet waste, dirty or soapy water, or anything else down the storm drain. Once down the storm drain, all of these materials pollute our lakes and rivers!
  • Label it. Volunteer to label storm drains in your neighborhood to inform residents that they flow directly to our lakes and streams. Encourage friends and neighbors to contact their local community for more information on storm drain stenciling programs.