Before You dig, Call MISS DIG

Before you put that shovel or spade in the ground in your yard or make any major improvements on your property, you must know were all your utilities are located. Utilities can be buried from 2 inches, to more than 10 feet in depth, and can be located anywhere on your property.
Miss Dig
There is an agency called MISS DIG, which is a toll free phone call and provides you a free service to locate these utilities. We ask that you call MISS DIG before you dig. It will save costly repairs for the utilities and may save your life.

Call 800-482-7171 before you dig!
Raise the Flags, Call 800-482-7171 Before You Dig
Doing Any DIY Projects This Summer?
  • Decks & Patios
  • Trees of Shrubs
  • Swing Sets
  • Signs
  • Fountains
  • Tents
  • Fences
  • Mailbox Posts
  • Room Additions
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pools
  • Landscaping

It’s the LAW! It’s fast and it’s FREE!

What do you mean FREE? When you contact MISS DIG 811, the public facility companies are notified to mark the location of their underground lines.

Public facilities are marked for FREE by facility company representatives known as Locators.  The Locators paint lines and/or place flags to mark the approximate location of underground public lines.

To Place a DIG Notice

  • Visit www.missdig811.org
  • In the e-Locate box click Start
  • Complete the e-Locate Request
  • Check your status before you dig @status.missdig811.org
  • Enter your ticket #.  Click Inquire

Unsure of Why There Are Flags in Your Yard?

  • Call (248) 370-6449 and leave a voicemail with the location information
  • Your information will be reviewed by Miss Dig and you will be contacted with the ticket information including activity, type of work, and excavation method (if asked)

Miss Dig - Residents Can Call

Why so many flags? What do they mean?
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