What is a Rezoning?  A Rezoning is a reclassification of a property from one zoning category to another. It is an amendment to Macomb Township's official zoning map.  The rezoning of a property may be required if the intended use is not permitted under the current zoning. 

What is a Conditional Rezoning?  A Conditional Rezoning is a reclassification of a property from one zoning district to another with a list of a voluntary offer of conditions attached. As part of a Conditional Rezoning request, an owner of property may voluntarily offer in writing, and the Township Board may approve, certain use and development of land as a condition to the approval of a rezoning. An offer of conditions submitted as part of a Conditional Rezoning request shall bear a reasonable and rational relationship to the property for which rezoning is requested. Conditions are intended to prevent negative impacts of the proposed use onto surrounding properties. Conditional Rezoning requests are subject to Section 10.2401 of the Macomb Township Zoning Ordinance and all applicable sections of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (M.C.L. 125.3101 et seq).

This page features links to general information for active requests that the Township has received.  These informational sheets are posted at least 15 days in advance of the Planning Commission meeting where the request will be heard and a recommendation will be made.  A final decision will be made at the following Board meeting.