Homegrown Macomb: Local Farm Stands

There are so many things that make Macomb unique, but maybe the greatest part is the fresh produce grown by your neighbors.

Wherever you are in the township, you're never far from a family-owned farm stand with most of the veggies grown within the township. 

Beautiful vegetables are picked at their peak freshness and available to You don't get more farm-to-table than that.

There are several options around the township:

1. Kutchey's Family Farm 17330 26 Mile Road

2. Altermatt Farms 16580 25 Mile Road

3. Neiman's Farm Stand 20991 25 Mile Road 

4. Schramm's Farm 21701 24 Mile Rd

5. Boykas Farm 20555 23 Mile Road4. 

6. Olejnik 21901 23 Mile Road

7. Randazzo Fresh Market 49800 Hayes Road

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