History of Macomb

Short History of Macomb Township

By the early 1830s, people began settling in the area now known as Macomb Township. Officially, the Township of Macomb, was erected under the authority of the Legislative Council, and approved on March 7, 1834. The flat land and fertile soil brought in by the Clinton River attracted many German farmers, and even now, Macomb Township retains many of its German influences.

One of the first people to settle in Macomb Township was Daniel Kniffens, who acquired land on the Middle Branch of the Clinton River. This area was commonly known as the Village of Macomb Corners and is near the corner of present day 25 Mile and Romeo Plank Roads.

Macomb Township Today

Macomb Township is now on the cutting edge of urban growth with population in excess of 91,000 as of the 2020 census. 2010 Census breakdown.

Macomb Township is located in the center of Macomb County and the heart of the world. It is one of the fastest growing communities in Macomb County and in the State of Michigan. We offer a good industrial/commercial corridor for growth, carefully balanced with our beautiful residential neighborhoods and wonderful parks. As a progressive community, we welcome you and look
forward to serving you and your family.

For more information and detailed history about Macomb Township check out the Macomb Township Historical Commission or the Macomb County Historical Commission.

Did You Know

The Mile Roads of Macomb Township: Was or is Sometimes Still Called:
20 Mile Road M-59, Hall Road or Rosso Highway
21 Mile Road Shoemaker Road
22 Mile Road Waldenburg Road
23 Mile Road East of Romeo Plank = Whiskey Road
West of Romeo Plank = Coldwater
24 Mile Road French Road
25 Mile Road Arnold Road
26 Mile Road Marine City Highway