Pay Water & Sewer

Water and Sewer Usage Search

To track your usage of water and sewer go to 'Utility Billing Search' and search by your address by clicking here.

Cash, checks, money orders, automatic withdrawal payment, fund transfers, debit or credit cards are accepted as payment for water and sewer bills. You must preregister for the automatic withdrawal payment option. For information about the automatic withdrawal payment option please review and print the application.

Paying directly from your savings or checking account is available with no fees. Please choose the 'electronic check' option when selecting your payment method. 

Debit and credit card payments incur a 3% fee to cover the transaction feed that credit and debit card companies charge the Township.

Great Lakes Water Authority WRAP Program

The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) was established by the Great Lakes Water Authority to help eligible, low-income households afford water and sewer service. Funding is provided by the Great Lakes Water Authority and is administered in partnership with local community action agencies.

WRAP not only provides direct assistance with bill payment and arrearages, but it also provides funds for home audits, fixture repairs, replacements that will conserve water and further reduce the number of homeowners’ bills moving forward.  Click here for more info. W.R.A.P. PSA.

Water Penalty Image

Water and Sewer balances transferred to winter taxes will be charged a 15% transfer fee. To avoid transfer, your previous balance must be paid by October 31.