Burn Permits

Under the Governor Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order a ban on all open burning in the State has been issued until further notice.“We need to make sure our emergency response resources are available where they are needed at this time,” Dan Laux, fire supervisor for the DNR Forest Resources Division said in a release. “Less open burning means less potential for escaped fires, and that means staff can deal with other, more critical needs.

Outside Burning Ordinance & Burn Permit Application

Macomb Township has an open burning ordinance which must be reviewed here prior to submitting an application for a permit to burn.

Permit applications can be filled out and then hand delivered to Fire administrative offices located in Fire Station #4 at 25 Mile Road and Romeo Plank, 16820 25 Mile Road, or you may print, sign, scan and email (mtburnpermits@macomb-mi.gov) the completed application.

Burn permits are not valid until a permit number is issued and application is signed by administration. Please allow 2-3 business days to process.

Call Before Burning

  • Business hours (8 am - 4pm): 586-677-1262
  • After 4pm and weekends: 586-286-1211