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General Inquiries

  1. General Inquiry Form
  2. No Reason Absentee Voter Ballot Application

    By completing this form you will be added to our mailing list and will automatically receive an Absentee Voter Application for a ballot... More…

  3. Parks and Recreation Aquatics Center Survey
  4. Parks and Recreation Special Events Survey
  5. Trash Service Form
  1. HOA Presidents and Officers

    We are collecting names and contact information for all the subdivisions in Macomb Township. We will be inviting HOA Presidents and... More…

  2. Ordinance Complaint Form

    Use this form to report violations such as tall grass, overgrown trees, trash, etc.

  3. Parks and Recreation Birthday Parties Survey
  4. Plot Plan Request Form

    Plot plan request form.

  5. Truss Specs Submittal Form

    Truss Specs submittal form.