Personal Training

Personal Training at the Recreation Center

Are you looking to improve your health and fitness? Our certified personal trainers can provide you with the knowledge, motivation and discipline you need to take the next step in reaching your fitness goals and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Contact the front desk at 586-992-2900 to set up a consultation.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Personal Training Sessions/Packages must be purchased in advance and are non-refundable once purchased.

Personal Training Rates

Resident Rates
Non-Resident Rates
(1) 1 Hour Private Session
(1) 1 Hour Semi-Private Session (2 people)
(5) 1 Hour Private Sessions
(10) 1 Hour Private 

Small Group Personal Training

 This is a great opportunity to train with friends, family, or co-workers at a fraction of the cost of private personal training. Inquire at the front desk of the M.T.R.C. to set up an appointment.  Training includes 5 sessions and 3-6 people must sign up as a group.  You must sign up together and train at the same time (pricing is per person).  

Cost:  $140 per person for residents; $160 per person for non-residents.

Meet our Personal Trainer:  Carrie Blankertz

Carrie Blankertz is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, certified Health Coach, and a licensed Massage Therapist.  Fitness and sports have always been a huge part of her life.  Strength training, bodyweight training and H.I.I.T. workouts are some of her favorites.  Her passion is to help others change their lives by becoming healthier, happier, and feeling good about themselves.  Carrie believes in keeping exercise fun, fresh, and to keep the body guessing.  To set up training sessions with Carrie, please see or contact the front desk of the MTRC and they will be happy to assist you.