Preschool Swim Lessons

(6 Months - 4 Years)

Fees and Additional Registration information can be found

under the program registration link on the main Parks & Recreation

Page or by clicking the link below.


  • Use of the facility/pool during open swim hours requires paid daily admission or use of membership.  
  • Facility/Pool usage is NOT included in swim lesson fees. 
  • Children are to remain out of the water until their instructor begins class with them and remain out of the water after class has concluded.  

Preschool Swim Lesson Policies

  • Children 5 years of age and older should NOT be enrolled in the Preschool Program. Please refer to the Learn-To-Swim program to find lessons suitable for 5 years and above.
  • The zero depth pool will be used minimally during the first 2 instruction times.
  • All other lessons will be instructed from the activity pool.
There will be no make up classes or refunds for classes that participants are unable to attend.
  1. Level A
  2. Level B
  3. Level C

Introduction to Water Skills (6 Months - 2 Years)

Children 3 years and above should NOT be enrolled in this level

A Parent Must Accompany Child in the water.
Participants will learn to enter/exit water safely, feel comfortable in the water, submerge, explore buoyancy on front and back, change body position in water and learn about choosing and using life jackets.  This is a class for children who MUST have a parent with them in the water.

Level A Skills Learned

(completed with parental assistance)

  • Zero depth-kicks, floats, big arms, bird arms.
  • 1 foot depth-rings, kicks, big arms, bird arms.
  • Waterslide area-holds, floats, big arms, bird arms, kicks, jumps, monkeys, bubbles, bobs, superman.
  • Kickboards & noodles.
  • Must demonstrate comfort in the water & working with instructor to progress to level B.